List of medical schools in Cameroon

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Studying medicine in Cameroon offers an enriching experience in a country with reputable medical schools. These institutions prioritize quality education, providing a solid foundation in medical knowledge and practical skills. Cameroon’s rich and diverse culture adds an immersive dimension to your educational journey.

The relatively low cost of living in Cameroon, coupled with affordable tuition fees compared to the US or Europe, makes it an attractive option for international students interested in medicine.

By pursuing medical education here, you actively contribute to bolstering Cameroon’s healthcare system. Your role in addressing healthcare needs fosters better access to quality healthcare for all Cameroonians, advancing overall health and well-being. If considering studying medicine in Cameroon, our African medical school guide assists in finding the ideal institution tailored to your needs at medical schools in Cameroon.

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Top Medical Schools in Cameroon

University of Yaounde I logo

University of Yaounde I

The University of Yaounde I (UY1) is the oldest and largest university in Cameroon. It was founded in 1962 by the French colonial government. The university is located in the capital city of Yaounde, and it has a student body of over 30,000. The institution also has some specialized schools, including the School of Medicine, the School of Engineering, and the School of Law.

Universite de Douala

Universite de Douala

The Universite de Douala (UD) is a public university located in Douala, Cameroon. It was founded in 1970 by the Cameroonian government as a way to expand access to higher education in the country. UD is a well-respected university in Cameroon and Africa. It is ranked 12th in Cameroon and 10,037th in the world by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023. The university offers a wide range of courses and programs, and it has a strong reputation in Cameroon and Africa.

University of Buea logo

University of Buea

A public university in Buea, Cameroon is called the University of Buea (UB). It was established in 1993 as a result of extensive university reforms in Cameroon. UB has five faculties: Arts, Education, Health Sciences, Science, and Social and Management Sciences. It also has one professional school, the Advanced School of Translators and Interpreters (ASTI). UB has a student population of over 12,000, including over 50 who are physically and visually disabled.

University of Dschang logo

University of Dschang

The University of Dschang (UDs) is a public university in Cameroon. It was founded in 1993 and has eight faculties: Letters and Human Sciences, Economics and Management, Legal and Political Sciences, Sciences, Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences, University Institute of Technology (IUT) Fotso Victor in Bandjoun, Institute of Fine Arts in Foumban (IBAF), and Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences (FMSP). The UDs has a student body of over 35,000, including both Cameroonian and international students.

Catholic University of Cameroon logo

Catholic University of Cameroon 

A group of Catholic and academic experts worked from 2008 to 2009 to develop the vision and mission of the university, as well as the logistics and expertise needed to make it a reality. In 2009, the Bishops submitted a request to the Minister of Higher Education for permission to create the university. The request was granted in July 2009, and the Catholic University of Cameroon (CATUC) Bamenda was officially opened in January 2011. CATUC offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses leading to Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD qualifications.

Université des Montagnes Bangante

Université des Montagnes Bangante

Mountain University Cameroon (UdM) is a private university located in Bangangté, Cameroon. It was founded in 2000 by the Association for Education and Development (AED). The university is accredited by the Cameroon Ministry of Higher Education. UdM offers undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of fields, including health sciences, sciences and technology, and social sciences and management. The university also has a research center that focuses on sustainable development in the mountain region of Cameroon.

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