List of medical schools in Zambia

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Zambia has a number of highly-rated medical schools that offer undergraduate and postgraduate programs in medicine. Zambian medical students have the opportunity to gain valuable clinical experience in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, and rural health centers.

Medical schools are accredited by the Health Professions Council of Zambia (HPCZ), and their graduates are eligible to practice medicine in Zambia and other countries around the world. Furthermore, studying medicine in Zambia allows you to engage with a multicultural and diverse society. The country’s rich cultural heritage and diverse population create a vibrant and inclusive environment.

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Top Medical Universities in Zambia

Lusaka Apex Medical University, Lusaka

Lusaka Apex Medical University (LAMU) was founded in 2008 by eight Zambian professionals with the vision of becoming a leading centre of excellence in medical, nursing, and health sciences education, research, and specialized clinical care. The university was established in response to the growing need for qualified healthcare professionals in Zambia and Southern Africa. LAMU is a private university but receives government support through the Public-Private Partnership arrangement. The university has state-of-the-art facilities and a highly qualified faculty.

Texila American University Zambia logo

Texila American University – Zambia

Texila American University Zambia (TAU Zambia) is a private university established in 2016. It is one of the Texila American University Consortium (TAU-C) campuses, a global educational group with campuses in Guyana, Zambia, and the United Arab Emirates. TAU Zambia was founded to provide high-quality education in medicine, nursing, public health, and allied sciences to students worldwide. The National Accreditation Council of Zambia accredits the university. Today, TAU Zambia has over 1,000 students enrolled in its various programs.

cavendish university

Cavendish University

Cavendish University Zambia (CUZ) is a private university in Lusaka, Zambia. It was founded in 2004 and is the first private university in Zambia because it is registered with the Higher Education Authority, a grant-aided institution established under the Higher Education Act No. 4 of 2013. Because it is also affiliated with the Association of African Universities (AAU). It was founded by a group of Zambian academics and business leaders who wanted to create a university offering high-quality education and training to Zambian students.

Copperbelt University School of Medicine, Ndola

Copperbelt University (CBU) is a public university in Zambia located in the city of Kitwe. It was established in 1987 through the Act of Parliament No. 19 of 1987. Before 1987, CBU existed as a campus of the University of Zambia Federal System with two schools; CBU has grown significantly since its establishment and now has over 10,000 students enrolled in various undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The university is known for its strong programs in Medicine, engineering, mining, and business.

University of Zambia logo

University of Zambia School of Medicine, Lusaka

The University of Zambia was established to meet the growing need for higher education in Zambia and to provide a trained workforce to support the country’s development. UNZA’s first intake of students was in 1966, and the university has since grown to become Zambia’s largest and most prestigious institution of higher education. UNZA offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various fields, including arts and humanities, business and economics, education, engineering and technology, health sciences, law and political science, mathematics and natural sciences, medicine, and social sciences.

Mulungushi University zambia logo

Mulungushi University School of Medicine, Livingstone

Mulungushi University is a public university in Zambia that was founded in 2008. It was previously known as the National College of Management and Development Studies. Still, the Zambian Government turned it into a university in a public-private partnership with Konkola Copper Mines. The university has three campuses: the Main Campus in Kabwe, the Town Campus in Kabwe, and the Livingstone Campus in Livingstone. The Main Campus is the largest and is home to the university’s administrative offices, libraries, and most of its academic programs.

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