The Mauritius Institute of Health

Mauritius Institute of Health and Biomedical Sciences


The Mauritius Institute of Health and Biomedical Sciences has made significant contributions to the improvement of health in Mauritius. The institute’s research has led to the development of new and improved public health interventions, and its training programs have produced a highly skilled workforce of health professionals. The MIH offers a variety of courses in biomedical sciences and public health. The institute’s master’s and PhD programs are accredited by the University of Mauritius. The MIH also offers a number of diploma and certificate programs in health-related fields, such as clinical research, epidemiology, and health management.

MIH students and staff have the opportunity to participate in international research collaborations and exchange programs.

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Programs Offered

Bachelor of Biomedical Science

Master of Public Health

Diploma in Clinical Laboratory Science

Diploma in Health Promotion and Education


University of Mauritius

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